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Grab & go lunch box @ $ 5
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Corn Soup (Veg./Chicken)                                                                                                $4.99 All the Tandoori Specials are grilled in traditional clay oven served with Mint chutney. Add jeera Rice and Tikka gravy for $3. Mango Lassi                                                                                     $2.99
Slow cooked vegetables soup with corn and herbs Tandoori Chicken (Half)                                                                                                          $10.99 Sapotta Shake                                                                                                                    $3.99
Hot & Sour Soup (Veg./Chicken)                                                                                     $4.99 Tender bone - in chicken, marinated with yogurt and special tandoori spices. Iced Tea                                                                                                                              $1.99
Classic Indo-Chinese soup made with crushed ground pepper and sour ingredients Tandoori Chicken (Full)                                                                                                          $16.99 Coffee                                                                                                                                  $2.99
Kozhi (Chicken) Rasam                                                                                                      $5.99 Tender bone - in chicken, marinated with yogurt and special tandoori spices. Tea                                                                                                                                       $2.99
Spicy tomato based Southern Indian thin soup made with pieces of bone-in chicken Chicken Tikka Kabob                                                                                                               $11.99 Soda                                                                                                                                     $1.99
B&C Spl. Mutton Soup                                                                                                      $5.99 Succulent white chicken chunks marinated with yogurt and tandoori spices Indian Soda                                                                                                                         $2.49
Homemade style signature soup cooked with bone-in Goat Sheek Kabob                                                                                                                            $12.99 DESSERT
  Minced Chicken added with spices, mint, cilantro and herbs perfectly grilled Gulab Jamoon                                                                                                                            $3.99
VEG. APPETIZERS Malai Kabob                                                                                                                             $10.99 Traditional Indian spongy balls of milk soaked in sugar syrup
Punjabi Veg. Samosa                                                                                                         $3.99 Juicy white chicken chunks marinated with cream cheese, yogurt and tandoori spices Rasamalai                                                                                                                                   $4.99
Crispy pastry turnovers stuffed with potatoes, peas, cumin and spices. Delicious Indian street snack Paneer Tikka Kabob                                                                                                                $11.99 Mouth melting attened balls of cheese and almonds cooked in sweet thickened milk
Cut Mirchi                                                                                                                           $5.99 Soft cubes of paneer (cheese), onion, bell pepper, tomato marinated with yogurt and special tandoori spices Double ka Meetha                                                                                                                    $3.99
Andhra Style Onion and green chilli fritters Famous Hyderabadi bread pudding soaked in sweetened flavorful milk and decorated with nuts and raisins
Onion Spinach Pakora                                                                                                       $6.99 INDO CHINESE Carrot Halwa                                                                                                                              $4.99
Sliced fresh onions and Spinach mixed with homemade chickpeas flour and fried until golden brown Add Egg or Chicken for $1, Shrimp for $2 Delicious warm dessert made with grated carrots, whole milk, dried fruits and nuts (Weekends Only)
Crispy Corn Masala Fry                                                                                                     $7.99 Fried Rice                                                                                                                                   $9.99
Battered fried crispy corn tossed with spices and curry leaves Indo - Chinese style fried rice tossed with chilies & peppers
Gobi Manchurian                                                                                                               $8.99 Schezwan Fried Rice                                                                                                                 $9.99
Crispy battered fried cauliflower tossed with our renowned signature Manchurian sauce Indo - Chinese style fried rice tossed with Schezwan sauce, chilies and peppers
Veg Manchurian                                                                                                                $8.99  
Crispy battered fried vegetables tossed with our renowned signature Manchurian sauce EGG-ETARIAN ENTREES
Chili Paneer                                                                                                                        $9.99 Egg Masala                                                                                                                                 $9.99
Fried cottage cheese cubes, onion and green pepper stir fried with sweet chilli soy sauce Boiled eggs cooked with aromatic homemade tomato & coconut gravy
B&C Spl. Spicy Paneer                                                                                                      $9.99
Fried cottage cheese cubes tossed with chef’s special spicy chilli sauce VEGETARIAN ENTREES
  Served with Rice.
NON-VEG. APPETIZERS Daal Tadka                                                                                                                                  $8.99
Chicken 65                                                                                                                          $8.99 Bright yellow lentils simmered with fresh tomato and onions tempered with ghee tadka
Deep-fried tendered chicken bites with ginger, garlic, and red chilies cooked 65 sauce Punjabi Chana Masala                                                                                                              $9.99
Chili Chicken                                                                                                                       $8.99 Home style chickpeas dish cooked in ginger, infused onion and tomato sauce
Chicken, onion and green pepper stir fried with sweet chilli soy sauce Aloo Gobi Masala (Dry)                                                                                                            $8.99
B&C Spl. Spicy Chicken                                                                                                     $9.99 Potato and cauliflower stewed with cumin, ginger and tomato
Tender pieces of chicken tossed with chef’s special spicy chilli sauce Aloo Baingan                                                                                                                              $9.99
Chef Spl.  Young eggplant and potatoes simmered in onion tomato gravy
Chicken Majestic                                                                                                               $9.99 Saag Paneer                                                                                                                             $10.99
Chicken tender pieces marinated & cooked with Indian spices & curry leaves Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach gravy
Chicken Lollipop                                                                                                                 $9.99 Paneer Butter Masala                                                                                                            $10.99
Crispy deep-fried marinated chicken wings (6) served with sweet chilli sauce Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in our unique rich creamy tomato sauce
Guntur Mirapakodi                                                                                                            $9.99 Paneer Tikka Masala                                                                                                              $10.99
Soft chicken bites with green chilli sauce, ginger, garlic and curry leaves. Guntur’s famous spicy snack Cubes of cottage cheese, onion and bell pepper cooked in our unique rich creamy tomato sauce
Apollo Fish                                                                                                                        $11.99 Kadai Paneer                                                                                                                           $10.99
Deep-fried tilapia fish tossed with chilli, ginger and garlic sauce Fried cottage cheese cooked with crushed whole spices with peppers, tomatoes and onions
Royyala Vepudu(Shrimp)                                                                                               $12.99 Navaratan Korma                                                                                                                    $10.99
Mouth-watering stir fried shrimp made with onion, tomatoes,ginger, garlic and special spices Fresh vegetables (carrot, potato, cauliflower, beans) paneer ,cooked in rich creamy sauce finished with thr touch of Dry Methi leafs
Goat Sukka                                                                                                                       $12.99 Malai Kofta                                                                                                                              $10.99
Delicious roasted goat pieces with special spicy sauces made in Tamilnadu Style. Fried potato and cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with nuts cooked in rich creamy sauce
Veg. Chettinad                                                                                                                          $9.99
HOUSE SPECIAL SIGNATURE BIRYANIS Fresh Vegetables (potato, carrots, beans, cauliflower & paneer) mixed with chef’s special grounded spices and a touch of coconut milk
Famous Majestic Hyderabadi Basmati rice dish slowly cooked in layers, flavored with chef’s special ingredients & unique spices. Served with Salan and Raita Gutti Vankaya Curry                                                                                                               $10.99
Veg. Dum Biryani                                                                                                              $8.99 Eggplant cooked with sesame seeds, peanut, tomato and onion blended gravy
Hyderabadi Style  
Egg Biryani                                                                                                                          $9.99 GOAT ENTREES
Paneer Biryani                                                                                                                 $10.99 Andhra Spicy Goat Curry                                                                                                        $11.99
Chicken Dum Biryani                                                                                                         $9.99 Cooked bone-in goat with South Indian homemade species
Hyderabadi Style Goat Chettinad                                                                                                                        $11.99
Vijayawada Special  Authentic bone-in goat curry made of grounded Chettinad spices.
Chicken Biryani                                                                                                                $10.99 Grandma's Gongura 
(Boneless) Goat Curry                                                                                                                               $11.99
Chicken Fry Biryani                                                                                                         $11.99 Grandma’s special recipe cooked with bone-in goat and fresh Gongura leaves
Goat Dum Biryani                                                                                                           $12.99 Chef Special Goat Curry                                                                                                         $11.99
Hyderabadi Style Bone in goat cooked with home made grounded spices finished with coconut milk
Goat Fry Biryani                                                                                                               $13.99 Lamb Saag                                                                                                                                $11.99
Shrimp Biryani                                                                                                                 $12.99 A delicious mild spiced dish of tender bone-in lamb and fresh spinach creamy sauce
Lamb Rogan Josh                                                                                                                    $11.99
CHICKEN ENTREES Succulent aromatic bone-in lamb stew. A very popular Kashmiri dish
Chef Spl. Chicken Curry                                                                                                  $10.99  
Bone in chicken cooked with home made grounded spices finished with coconut milk BREADS
Andhra Spicy Chicken  Plain Naan                                                                                                                                  $1.99
Curry                                                                                                                                 $10.99 Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven
Cooked bone-in chicken with South Indian homemade species Butter Naan                                                                                                                               $2.49
Chettinad Chicken                                                                                                           $10.99 Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven with Butter
Authentic Bone-in chicken curry made of grounded Chettinad spices. A very popular Southern Indian dish Tandoori Roti                                                                                                                             $1.99
Hyderabadi Murgh  Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven
Masala                                                                                                                              $11.99 Bullet Naan                                                                                                                                $2.99
Our signature Hyderabad special dish made with bone-in chicken roasted sesame seeds and finished with a touch of coconut milk Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven with garlic, cilantro and chili flakes
Chicken Vindaloo                                                                                                             $10.99 Garlic Naan                                                                                                                                 $2.99
Bone less chicken with potatoes and onions in a spicy vinegar sauce Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven with garlic, cilantro and butter
Kadai Chicken Curry                                                                                                        $10.99 Cheese Naan                                                                                                                              $2.99
Bone less chicken cooked with crushed whole spices with peppers, tomatoes and onions Leavened cheese stuffed white bread baked in tandoor
Chicken Korma                                                                                                                 $10.99 Onion Kulcha                                                                                                                             $2.99
Bone less chicken cooked with our delicious nut based cream gravy Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven with Onions
Butter Chicken                                                                                                                 $10.99 Kashmiri Naan                                                                                                                           $3.49
Chicken breast chunks cooked in our unique rich creamy tomato sauce Leavened white bread baked in tandoor oven with Dry fruits & nuts (Weekends Only)
Chicken Tikka Masala                                                                                                      $10.99 Plain Rice                                                                                                                                    $2.49
Chicken breast chunks, onion and bell pepper cooked in our unique rich creamy tomato sauce Jeera Rice                                                                                                                                   $4.99
Grandma's Gongura  Flavored with butter, cumin, cilantro, nuts and chilli
Chicken Curry                                                                                                                   $10.99  
Grandma’s special recipe cooked with bone-in chicken and fresh Gongura leaves
Nellore Fish Curry                                                                                                           $12.99
Sliced tilapia fish simmered with Homestyle tomato and coconut gravy from South India
Chef Spl. Shrimp Masala                                                                                                $12.99
Selected shrimp cooked in classic tomato and coconut gravy